Buying vs. Renting
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Think about it.  Rents Go UP, house payments don’t.

Right now with interest rates as low as 4.00%, so you can get your own Home for:

    • $100,000 for $808.54 per month (4.928% APR)
    • $120,000 for $1006.20 per month (4.903% APR)
    • $150,000 for $1259.11 per month (4.877% APR)
    • $200,000 for $1,676.98 per month (4.852% APR)
    • $250,000 for $2,096.22 per month (4.836% APR)

These examples reflect * Estimated Principle, Interest, Taxes and Insurance payments  (PITI), with 3.5% of the sales price as down payment using FHA loan programs.

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Still have doubts about owning a home? See this informative CNN article that supports buying vs. renting.

**Estimated.  These products and interest rates are subject to change at any time due to changing market conditions.  Actual rates available to you may vary based upon a number of factors including your credit rating, size of down payment and amount of documentation provided.  Not all borrowers will qualify for all programs.  Closing costs will vary by transaction.  This advertisement is not an approval or a guarantee to lend.

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